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Swedish telco helps Kanye change passcode

During a summit with Donald Trump, the not so stable superstar Kanye West - dressed up in a “make America Great Again” cap - shows his incredibly unsafe pascode, 000000, to world journalists by mistake.

How good for Kanye that Telenor is so good at data security and can show Yeezy how security is really working.

Therefore, we decide to launch the website - a random generator that helps Kanye choose passwords that are safer than his own. Or as AdAge puts it:

Not that it's difficult (but thanks, Telenor)



Telenor gets into the election battle - mimics election posters

During Sweden's general election campaign of 2018, Telenor captured the general zeitgeist by launching a campaign of their own, spoofing the political posters on show across the country. When everyone was competing to get elected for a four year contract, Telenor responded by saying "No more fixed contracts!"

In September 2018, Sweden was at the home-stretch of the general election. Campaign posters were all over the nation and party leaders were spitting election promises like rappers spit rhymes. Sweden was about to sign up for a four-year contract with no turning back. 

At the same time, Telenor had decided to skip the fixed contracts on all of their new broadband, tv and phone plans. In other words: their clients could make a decision with the possibility to change their mind at any time. To highlight this, we created identical copies of the most talked-about election posters with the Telenor family as models. But Telenor had just one election promise: no more fixed contracts.

Here’s the reactive posters: